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110 Stories
Typography: modern, san-serif font used for all type. Title and attribution line knock out to paper color, subtitle in black.

Imagery: full color reproduction of illustration created by Art Spiegelman. Illustration is full-bleed.

The Big Onion
Typography: type is set in black font, both serif and san-serif. Imagery: black and white background image of book cover entitled The Big Onion Guide to New York City overlaps black and white illustration of men constructing the Brooklyn Bridge in…

Gödel's Proof
Typography: All type set in black, sans-serif font.

Imagery: cover image of Gödel's Proof appears in left center, with rules and cover art placed beside and below as decorative elements. Background consists of top third gray panel, bottom third…

The Nanny Diaries
Typography: all type is set in black, sans-serif font. Imagery: grayscale photograph of actress Julia Roberts appears in upper left corner; cover of The Nanny Diaries book appears under Roberts photograph. Curved rules appear as decorative elements,…

Prevent Road Rage
Print advertisement promoting audiobooks for summer listening.
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