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teasing secrets.jpg
Typography: all type set in sans-serif font. Title set in all caps, with background imagery placed inside part of the type. Subtitle set in black, author name set in knockout, attribution set in yellow/orange, and quote set in knockout.


Typography: title set in all caps inline font, blue. Subtitle set in script font, black, author name set in all caps sans-serif font, black.

Imagery: central image of two vases, one green and one blue set atop a background gradient, light cream to…

waking beauty.jpg
Typography: title set in script font, magenta and orange. Author name and supplementary text set in sans-serif font. Subtitle set in blue.

Imagery: full color, full bleed photograph of woman lying on a bed, sleeping and wearing white dress.…

why do men have nipples.jpg
Typography: all type set in sans-serif font; title and author name knockout, subtitle black. Questions from interior content set in black rectangular border frame, separated by orange bullets.

Imagery: full bleed green and orange border with…


you'll never nanny.jpg
Typography: title and author name type set in modern, serif font, knockout. Subtitle set in script font, yellow.

Imagery: illustration of silhouetted woman walking a baby in a stroller and adjacent palm tree on yellow road in foreground; pink…


you're in charge.jpg
Typography: All type is set in all caps. Title type is set in serif font, black and red; subtitle is sans-serif font, knockout; author name is serif font, black.

Imagery: black color panel behind subtitle, enclosed top and bottom with black rules.

road rage ad.jpg
Print advertisement promoting audiobooks for summer listening.
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