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eighth day.jpg
Typography: title set in serif font, all caps, red. Subtitle set in sans-serif font, black. Author name set in serif font, black. Supplementary text set in serif font, black.

Imagery: red color panel set on lower third of cover, behind author name…

Typography: title and author type set in modern font, knock out white. Subtitle type set in sans-serif font, purple. "or" set in script font, knockout. Quote set in italic serif font, purple.

Imagery: full color photographic image of mother…

dark matter.jpg
Typography: title and author type set in handwriting style font, colored yellow/orange. All other type set in roman font, knock out.

Imagery: duotone photograph of castle interior stairway (black and yellow/orange), full bleed. Linear border with…

bullies, tyrants.jpg
Typography: headline type set in modern serif font; all other type set in sans-serif font. Title and subtitle are set in white, all other type set in black.

Imagery: metallic color panel set behind title, black color panel set behind subtitle;…

big onion_ad.jpg
Typography: type is set in black font, both serif and san-serif. Imagery: black and white background image of book cover entitled The Big Onion Guide to New York City overlaps black and white illustration of men constructing the Brooklyn Bridge in…

Imagery: illustration of vault door surrounded by black background panel. Illustration is rendered using black and white gradients.

Typography: is set in black, red, and knockout. type set in an arc in between concentric circles reading "Rutgers…

110 stories_ad.jpg
Typography: modern, san-serif font used for all type. Title and attribution line knock out to paper color, subtitle in black.

Imagery: full color reproduction of illustration created by Art Spiegelman. Illustration is full-bleed.
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